Inbound Marketing

An Integrated Marketing Strategy for Growing Businesses


Inbound marketing is the lifeblood of B2B marketing

Did you know that inbound marketing has proven to be 9x more effective for increasing a websites organic traffic, lead generation, sales, and client retention for B2B companies? Unlike traditional outbound marketing (i.e. cold calls, cold emails, press releases) that interrupts and tries to get out in front of as many people as possible, inbound marketing focuses on pulling in qualified prospects when they are actively searching for relevant information and answers. At FLX Interactive, we provide our B2B clients with proven inbound marketing services such as persona development, SEO, blogging, web optimization, lead generation, sales alignment, and more.

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Step 1: Align your marketing goals
and objectives

A well-crafted inbound marketing program begins with establishing your B2B marketing goals and identifying buyer personas. Early in our discovery process we collaborate with your team to create a number of ideal customer profiles that help identify your prospects interests, pain points, and needs, so that we can properly align our marketing strategies and content with them.

Step 2: Attract more potential buyers
and prospects

In order to attract your ideal prospects, you need to give your business a voice, and your audience a compelling reason to listen. This means rolling out a research backed B2B content marketing plan. With content being the voice of your brand, you have a great opportunity to achieve the coveted status of “thought leader” by educating your prospects through blog articles, e-books, infographic, explainer videos, webinars, and more. At FLX we produce SEO rich content for B2B marketers with our proven keyword strategies.

  • 97%

Blogs give websites 97% more indexed links. Indexed pages and indexed links translate into higher rankings with the search engines, and that means more website traffic to your site.

  • 60%

Inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads. Save money while delivering the kind of information your prospects are seeking in order to make smart, well-informed decisions.

Step 3: Convert more qualified leads

At FLX we develop inbound optimized websites for B2B companies that are designed to increase conversions and generate leads. The goal is to connect your website visitors with highly personalized and relevant content through a user friendly web experience. We take conversion rate optimization very seriously and we do so by developing enticing landing pages and Call-to-Actions that generate more qualified leads for your sales team.

Step 4: Close more sales – Repeat

You have generated a lead, what is next? Depending on the stage of the sales cycle you can either pass this new lead over to your sales team or further guide them through the buying process with well-timed content. Since the average sales cycle from lead generation to sales conversion for B2B companies is 3-6 months, we leverage marketing automation strategies that keep your leads engaged up until the point they are ready to buy. Inbound marketing doesn’t stop there – As B2B marketers we want to stay out in front of our existing client base with fresh content featuring our latest offerings and notable case studies.

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At FLX Interactive we work primarily with small and mid-size companies who are looking to leverage professional services marketing strategies to attract and develop more leads and clients through smarter online marketing. We help professionals and consulting firms across a number of industries to create unrivaled websites and content marketing strategies to establish thought leadership and brand dominance.



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