Our Mission

Helping professional service companies and consulting firms focus on what it is they love and not on worrying where their next client is coming from – with smarter online marketing.

About Us

At FLX Interactive, we all come to work every day because we want to help solve the biggest problem professional service companies and consultants face – attracting more high-value clients that you love working with. Most of these businesses acquire clients mainly by word of mouth and return business. They have little to no time for online marketing despite the abundance of prospects searching for their services on Google. Even worse, they lose valuable time getting sucked for information and stuck with less than ideal clients.

We have a soft spot for small and mid-size firms. These businesses have to constantly fight an uphill battle against much larger firms that seem to win so much more business. The largest firms in the world don’t necessarily offer the best services or even have all the best consultants, but they do have strong brands and they are able to justify premium pricing. Our mission at FLX Interactive is to give your businesses a digital advantage by building a strong online presence so your services are always in demand.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We had worked with digital marketing agencies in the past, and we were starting to wonder if an agency would ever be able to fully understand our business. After working with FLX Interactive, it has been a breath of fresh air. They truly understood our management consulting services and what we were up against, ultimately helping to position us for success.

Dan Sunderberg, PhDOperant Leadership - Regional Manager

The FLX Interactive crew really raised the bar for our trade shows with a professional and technology skill set that is unique as they are. Their combination of out of the box thinking, innovation, and technical expertise makes them a must hire in my opinion. Professionally they are great to work with, but who they are as people will keep you coming back for more.

Steve SoderbergComstor (Cisco’s #1 Security Distributor) - Marketing Manager

Just a year ago I had used a local agency to launch a new website. The site didn’t come close to clearly articulating our services or the value our plastic engineering consultants provide. We found FLX online after looking for an agency that had experience working exclusively with consultants. All I can say is, “wow”. Thank you FLX for coming to the rescue and turning our site into a killer sales tool.

Shingo HirateHirate America Inc. - President

FLX Interactive was able to help us create a lot more eyeballs on our site and prospects to engage with our content. In the end, we received a much more consistent flow of new clients and developed a killer marketing plan for our environmental consulting firm.

Chris CoxBe Green Legal - Principal Consultant

Meet the FLX Team

Alano Vasquez - Head of Strategy

Alano Vasquez

Head of Strategy (Co-Founder)

Alano is FLX Interactive’s strategic vision as well as lead strategist for all new web and digital activation. Alano has worked at multiple startups where he focused on integrating complementary sales and marketing initiatives that have helped accelerate growth for companies in some of the most competitive markets. Alano is passionate about building relationships, fitness, and really efficient processes.

Brandon Lee - Creative Director

Brandon Lee

Creative Director (Co-Founder)

Brandon is the creative lead for FLX Interactive overseeing all aspects of design and development for our clients’ digital marketing. With over a decade of experience in performing web activations for clients all over the world, including thousands of websites created using his pre-built web templates, Brandon helps to bring consultants the best in all things graphics and design. When he’s not making the web a better place, you can find Brandon making music or at your local eats with friends and family.


Dominic Golden

Business Development


Eric Fong

Web Development


Liz Bedhi

Content Creation


Robert Dwyer


Clients We Do Work For

At FLX Interactive we work primarily with small and mid-size companies who are looking to leverage professional services marketing strategies to attract and develop more leads and clients through smarter online marketing. We help professionals and consulting firms across a number of industries to create unrivaled websites and content marketing strategies to establish thought leadership and brand dominance.


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